Non-Profit FAQ

Why PhotoScramble?

You and your supporter base are likely already a part of the millions of people taking billions of pictures each day.  And don't you love sharing them?  PhotoScramble uses these photos as the basis for a fund raising platform that will engage your whole constituency and draw them into a fun and easy way to support and interact with your organization or cause.  PhotoScramble can engage both your donors AND your target group, it is not just another boring call for donations that gets trashed. 

How Does it Work? 

You or your organization becomes a "host" of a photo contest.  You can pick a photo theme based on your specific cause (we recommend that) or you can select any theme for the photos, or just have a free for all as to subject matter.  Then you pick from the methods of donations that fits your organization and base the best.  You can sell sponsorships, charge for entry into the contest or charge to vote on potential winners!  You can award prizes that, hopefully, you have gotten sponsors to donate.  You can use one, two or all of these money raising methods.  Next you push out the contest to your social media and newsletters and do any other promotion you are able to and watch your contest turn into money for your organization!

We are passionate about our cause but not so much for computers, will you help?

Of course.  We can help you with all of the "heavy lifting" getting the contest set-up including help with contest badges or widgets.  We will also explain what those are and why you would need them.  We will give you pointers and information based on our experience with previous contests to help make your contest and fund raiser a great success! 

I Can Get Sponsors, What can I do for them?

Our platform offers you the ability to sell or provide sponsor ad space within your contest (a top banner ad plus up to 12 side ads, 4 of which display at one time).   We provide a place for a graphic and a link to the sponsors site or content.  This space can be sold for a set fee (we recommend) or on a CPM or CPC basis.  We will provide you with a report at the conclusion of the contest so you and your sponsors will know how effective your contest was in bringing new eyes to their site.  You should be able to recoup all of your costs for the contest through selling sponsor ads.  You can also use this ad space to promote your own messages and mission if you desire. 

OK, so how do WE make money?

First, take a look at what you do and who you support.  We recommend that if you serve a population that is typically short of money that you allow this portion of your constituency to enter the contest for free so they get engaged with what you are doing and feel a part of the organization.  Then charge a fee to your donation base to raise money.  Have the entrants share the contest and their entry to family and friends so they can get involved too!  You can expand your reach this way along with generating money.   An example of this may be an organization serving victims of a disaster such as a wild fire.  The victims don't have funds to pay to enter, but they have powerful images.  The donor base wants to help and they can by paying to vote on the images. 

At the opposite end, you may have a well heeled population and want to charge a fee to enter the contest and to vote.  An example might be a sailing club raising money for a new facility or equipment.  Both entrants and voters may be able to afford to participate, so charge them for it! 

What else do we get?

At the end of the contest, we will supply you with an export of the contact information for all entrants and paying voters so you can add them to your lists and further expand your reach.  And, the satisfaction of having fun, seeing a whole new level of engagement with your cause and connecting a lot of new people with your organization. 

We have a Website already, how does that work?

PhotoScramble provides you with a URL link to your contest that you can embed into your site with your own graphic and messaging along with a contest badge that you can generate and place on your site and in your electronic communications.  These will get folks from your site to your contest.  We also generate a QR code you can use in your print communications and sharing to get people to your contest.  If you want folks to stay right on your site, you can embed the contest right into your site using our contest widget. 

We want to keep our contest only for our constituency, can we do that?

YES!  We offer the availability of a private contest that is only accessible via the URL link, contest badge or contest widget, it is NOT available on the PhotoScramble public site. 

What does it cost?

A Premium Contest which gives you all of the tools we offer including sales of sponsor ads, the ability to charge for entry and/or voting, export of entrant and voter data along with no time limit on the contest costs just $199.00.  Any monies raised from the sale of sponsor ads is 100% retained by your organization.  Any monies collected through pay to vote or enter are subject to a fee of 15% which includes the fees to collect the monies through our secure credit card portal.  At the conclusion of the contest your share of the monies will be remitted to you immediately.  For large contests, once the revenue share to PhotoScramble reaches $10,000.00 the amount retained by PhotoScramble drops to 5% to cover our costs of administration and credit card processing. 

How do I Start?

Simply click on the PhotoScramble Logo above, then on the Create a Contest link and get going!  Of course if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us and we can help you with a great contest set-up and some ideas to get you going fast on the way to a successful fund raiser.  Call us at 231-932-0855 x11.