Media Integration

PhotoScramble offers a unique way to join our platform with other media advertising to increase your revenue, add value to your advertising packages and entice new clients.

Your sales reps are talking to all the businesses in your coverage area and many are not very excited about the returns on their investment in broadcast media and you don't have a good way to prove results. Something new that will catch their attention or finding ways to get them more business is not easy. Packaging a photo contest with broadcast media will make it more attractive.   A potential client will be more interested in a combination of tools that will drive business to them.  The photo contest makes it fun and with 14,000 photos taken every second there is no lack of material.  Additionally, packaging the contest with ads will make the contest more successful and increase brand awareness.  

On the consumer side, ads are often ingored and don’t catch their attention. With something fun, especially if they can win something and show off their photography skills at the same time, you have a better shot at getting their attention.  Statistics do show that broadcast media is still the main driver of website traffic, so advertising the contest on a customer’s website and/or yours is a great way to increase engagement, branding and the return on dollars spent with you, exactly what your customers are looking for.               

Your sales reps will have a new product to get companies excited and that might just get that business on board as a first time customer.  And your existing customers are always looking for something new!

Here is the revenue split.  Our premium contest normally costs $200.00; we will offer these to you at $100.00 because we know you will love this and do it often. We built the system to include ad spots so you could have other sponsors pay for the banner and side ads that are displayed next to the contest or charge the advertiser for the additional ad space.   (Here is an example of a contest with sponsor ads btography/entries/).  There are up to 12 rotating side spots.   You could let the main sponsor have the banner ad and sell the others for whatever the traffic will bear, but say $100 to $200 a piece. So your $100 dollars cost is easily made up and the contests can become their own profit center.   

PhotoScramble will help get things going for you and is there for support.  Our platform is scalable to allow for small to very large contest participation.  Many tools are available for you to give click and impression tracking information back to sponsors and contest hosts.  

Want more information or ideas?  Give Michael a call at 231.932.0855 x15 or Eric at x11.