Key Features

Key Contest Hosting features of PhotoScramble vs. most other contest sites:

PhotoScramble is a community of contests and participants.  While PhotoScramble does offer a paid private contest option, you will receive greater participation if you allow the PhotoScramble community to view, enter and participate in your contest. 

Our platform allows you to set up and test the features of your contest before you are required to make any payment!  Our Preview feature is completely unique and gives you the ability to see just what your contest participants will see and experience before you make any commitment.

Photo up loads are resized by PhotoScramble for thumbnail and fill size viewing.  No need for your entrants to send you their file or to resize for various functions.  Size limit is a very large 8mb.  Coming soon will be an auto-resize function to limit the upload size to our maximum.

PhotoScramble offers a contest host an easy to use bulk photo up loader if you are generating the contest entries or want to manage the entry process. This also allows entries into a contest from participants that are unwilling to register on the PhotoScramble platform. Coming soon will be an Android app for photo entry directly from a mobile device to your contest. 

PhotoScramble offers a Premium contest host the ability to approve entry submissions prior to their display in your contest.  System messaging tells the entrant that there will be an approval delay before the image shows up in the contest.   

PhotoScramble offers an easy way to collect money for entries or votes.  Create a contest as a fund raiser for your cause or to generate a prize pool etc.     

All interactions with PhotoScramble; contest creation, entering a contest, payment for votes or entries are handled within PhotoScramble.  Entries are uploaded using our software and payments are made through our secure worldwide payment gateway, there is no need for a participant to leave the platform to complete a transaction. 

PhotoScramble offers a Premium Contest the ability to display and/or resell your own or sponsor ads on a flat fee, CPC or CPM arrangement right in your contest display.  We provide you the click and impression information export at any time.  You get to keep 100% of any amounts generated from the sale of this ad space. 

PhotoScramble offers several results options from a simple popularity “Like”, different voting methods or judging methods to a combination of vote methods with judging of finalists. 

New January 2013: A Premium Contest Host may set up multiple contests that can serve as categories for different age groups, levels of experience, departments or any limiter you need.  All of these contests are shown together through the use of a host specific url that is used as a link to a contest list page identical to the platform Find A Contest link, but limited to contests for that host.  Participants can interact with all of the hosts contests without the need to look through all of the contests running on the platform. 

New January 2013:  PhotoScramble offers a contest host the option to allow anonymous voting, that is a voter need not register on our platform in order for their vote to count.  This allows broad participation in voting without any barriers.  PhotoScramble still tracks IP address's so a host can limit voting, if desired, to once per hour, day or contest. 

New January 2013:  PhotoScramble has introduced an RSVP email list function which offers a contest host the ability to limit participation in a contest to a specific set of users defined by their email address.  This can limit any combination of entry or voting to the list or public.  This is especially useful for a private contest where the ability to enter or vote is limited to company employees or donors for example.  The email list can also be used to communicate with your desired participants. 

PhotoScramble offers levels of data export based on the contest level chosen.  You can receive entrants’ data and voters’ data (permission based).  These are in the form of XML’s with verified email addresses. 

PhotoScramble gives YOU the ability to manage, easily view and export all of your own data within your Contests I Host member panel.  

New March 2013:  PhotoScramble released the ability to enter a contest via email.  A Premium contest host can generate a unique QR code and email form to allow for entry from mobile devices.  The entry can be from either an existing or new PhotoScramble account! 

A contest host can set their contest to only allow photos entered by the host.  This allows the entries to be gathered by the host either through email or other methods and then upload the entries in bulk offering an even greater level of control over entries. This also enables a contest host to use entries into a contest from participants that are unwilling or unable to register on the PhotoScramble platform. 

New June 2013:  Now each image can be commented on through a Facebook comment.  A member logged in with Facebook will have the comment posted on their timeline and shared with all their Facebook friends!  This drives interaction and will dramatically increase traffic for anyone that shares.  This comment thread will stay with the image as long as it is active on PhotoScramble giving a great boost to SEO. 


The Bottom Line?   PhotoScramble offers the best feature to price model available!


PhotoScramble gives you an easy to navigate and use host panel:

Photo Scramble Key Features

Within your “Contests I Host” tab it is easy to access your contest information and data exports: