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It's a Great Way to Promote Your Business or Non Profit Organization!

PhotoScramble is a platform that was specifically developed for companies and organizations of all kinds to host interactive photo contests as a fun form of promotion, brand interaction, information gathering, and in the case of non-profits, fund raising campaigns.

Did You Know?

Did you know that every 2 minutes today we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. In fact, ten percent of all the photos we have were taken in the past 12 months.   Even accounting for population growth the exponential growth of photos is incredible (we take 4 times as many photos as 10 years ago). Today every party, birthday, sports game and concert is documented in rich detail. The combination of all these photos is a rich portrait of today. Digital photography is "in", folks, it's growing at an amazing rate, and it is here to stay!

What makes PhotoScramble Unique?

We have a platform that allows consumers to search from multiple photo contests in one place and hosts to choose from multiple options for hosting. Depending on the size and needs of your organization, you can choose from a basic contest on our website all the way up to a Premium option that allows you to add sponsor or corporate graphics and links and embed the contest right on your site using our contest widget. In addition, we offer options tailored to non-profits that will allow them to use their contest as a fund raising platform via our ability to allow them to charge for photo entries and votes.  Our contests also have social sharing tools, so your campaign is sure to attract a following and grow your contact list quickly. You can allow open voting on entries or require the voter or register on our platform and you can receive verified email addresses at the conclusion of your contest to add to your marketing lists. 

Why Now?

Social media, sharing information (photos included), and the necessity for brand interaction are at an all time high.  Right now as a business or an organization you need to stand out in the crowd. You need to do something different.  Understanding your clients better - who they are, where they are coming from, and what motivates them means you can work on delivering it more effectively.  Our tools can help you do that.  These days consumers want to be a part of what you stand for.  Show them you’re listening!

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