PhotoScramble Frequently Asked Questions

What is PhotoScramble?

It's a FUN platform for consumers to share & compete in online photography competitions! Learn more about PhotoScramble for consumers.

It's a Great Way to Promote Your Business or Non Profit Organization! Learn more about PhotoScramble for businesses and organizations.

What is the cost to use PhotoScramble?

We have price plans to meet every budget, even a free plan!  Please visit our pricing page to learn more.

Can I set a photo contest to start in the future?

Yes, a contest can be created and set to start anytime in the future.  A photo contest can be live regardless if photo entry or voting has started.

Who can view a contest?

A typical published photo contest will be displayed to PhotosSramble’s website community.   Hosts are encouraged to share the direct link to their contest.  Photo contests that are not published are only visible to the creator.

Can  a photo contest be private?

Absolutely.   A basic level photo contest can be private while not displaying to the PhotoScramble community of contests.  A private photo contest is only visible to the people that you share the link with.

Can a photo contest have participation restrictions?

Definitely.  Photo Contest entry/voting can be restricted to an exclusive email list.  Simply upload a list of emails and set the restriction to who can enter and vote for ultimate control.

When do I pay for a photo contest?

You can pay for you contest at any stage of the creation process.  Contest creators can always preview the contest regardless of payment activity.

What is the benefit to photographers?

Photographers can use the PhotoScramble system to compete in exciting photo contests with prizes from a broad range of companies.  It's a great way to learn from your peers, hone your skills and get feedback from others. If you're super skilled, or super lucky, you can also win some great prizes!

What is the benefit to businesses?

Businesses can promote themselves across the web by offering a great prize on a system that can easily be shared through social media and create a viral type of reaction.  With a Premium contest, you can collect important demographic and marketing data to learn who your customers are and what your customers really want.

What is the benefit to non profit organizations?

Non profits can promote themselves across the web by offering a great prize on a system that can easily be shared through social media and create a viral type of reaction.  Collect important marketing data and learn what your followers really want. In addition non profit organizations can utilize our pay to enter and pay to vote options for fundraising purposes.

Who retains the rights to my images?

You do.  Unlike many other photo sharing platforms, you retain the rights to your images.  In the future we may offer you the ability to sell your images at a profit. We do need to retain the right to use your images for display within and on the platform  (for example to display them as a most popular image or prize winner) and in the promotion of our platform (for example blog posts or shared links) but  we will not use them for any other purpose without express written permission from you. If you are protective of your work we do recommend and encourage uploading your images with watermarks.

What is the maximum size high resolution image I can upload?

Our uploader should be able to handle almost all image sizes. Currently we do limit file size to 8 mb, but we are working on expanding that in the very near future.

Is PhotoScramble a place where I can store my images?

Technically, yes you can. We will eventually have a print service integrated so that people can purchase your images for print, and you can print your own right from the PhotoScramble platform.

Can I print from PhotoScramble?

Currently, we are not offering a print service, however, integration with digital printing labs is something we are diligently working toward in the near future.

Why do I need to register to vote? 

If you are asked to register to vote, it is because we allow the contest host to determine if they will allow anonymous voting or to require that voters are registered and verified.  Typically if a host is offering a significant prize they and everyone who enters a contest wants to be confident that no one has “stuffed the ballot box”.  So, in order to do this, we ask that you register through Facebook or that you provide your email address and that you verify your email address by simply clicking on the link provided in your registration email. 

How is my personal information used?

PhotoScramble may collect Personal Information when you use certain services on a PhotoScramble web site.  To learn more view our privacy policy.

How can I contact PhotoScramble?

By Phone at 231-932-0855 X 11 or Email - pricing and questions related to service: sales@photoscramble.com or support@photoscramble.com for technical problems.

What other companies are associated with PhotoScramble?

PhotoScramble is a child company of WD WEB Inc, a software and internet company located in Traverse City, Michigan.  The most widely known company in the WD WEB family is Morephotos.Com.