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I have lived half my life and within the past two years found my favorite thing to do.  That is going around Delaware the state and the surrounding states and photographing what was and still is.  Hopes to put it in a table book with proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation in honor of my husband who had a Kidney desease as a child and a transplant at 20.  At 52 I am blessed to have him in my life.  

jamn2dblues's Photos:

jamn2dblues; Stripped jamn2dblues; Many Faces of the Nanticoke jamn2dblues; A Day In the Delaware jamn2dblues; Keeping our Youth active with something they Love jamn2dblues; The Old Chapel Among the Bay jamn2dblues; Breeden Baby Girl jamn2dblues; The future belongs to those who believe jamn2dblues; Delaware River waking up

jamn2dblues's Contest Rankings

2nd Place in Cute Baby with Breeden Baby Girl!

1st Place in Healthy Motivation with Keeping our Youth active with something they Love!

1st Place in Visions of Worship with The Old Chapel Among the Bay!

1st Place in WBE Yearbook Cover Contest with The future belongs to those who believe!

jamn2dblues is not currently entered in a contest.