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floatingpumice's Photos:

floatingpumice; Glacial Groove Snooze floatingpumice; GVSU Hydrosphere students studying Canadian Waterfall floatingpumice; Tilted beds at Bonanza Falls, Big Iron River, UP Michigan floatingpumice; Evidence for Fluid Flow along Fracture floatingpumice; Ancient Landscape of Fire and Water floatingpumice; Crater Lake, Oregon pre-GSA GVSU student field trip floatingpumice; Well Installation in Stream floatingpumice; Good Enough?  Champion Mine, UP floatingpumice; In search of Pumice, pre-GSA GVSU Student Trip, Oregon floatingpumice; Glacial Grooves and Polishing floatingpumice; Oregon Tidal Pool floatingpumice; Eolian Snow Deposition floatingpumice; Amygdaloidal basalt, Keweenaw Michigan floatingpumice; Underneath the new GVSU Library floatingpumice; Glacial Striations floatingpumice; GVSU Students installing Well

floatingpumice's Contest Rankings

4th Place in GVSU 2013 Photo Contest - Geologic Processes with Glacial Grooves and Polishing!

4th Place in GVSU 2013 Photo Contest - Geologist at Play with GVSU Hydrosphere students studying Canadian Waterfall!

floatingpumice is not currently entered in a contest.