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+5 points earned on June 27th 2016 for Uploading a Photo
+5 points earned on June 27th 2016 for Uploading a Photo
+5 points earned on June 27th 2016 for Uploading a Photo
+5 points earned on June 27th 2016 for Uploading a Photo
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Florida Rose of Tralee
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about badges…

Florida Rose of Tralee

Now in its first year, the People’s Choice Awards is the only major awards voted on entirely by the public for fan favorites in the Florida Rose Of Tralee. The People’s Choice official website at houses the voting platform where fans determine the  winners for the 1st annual awards show. Every year, potential nominees will be determined by Peoples Choice data, then vetted through the Irish American Young Leaders Program. The awards show, and digital, mobile and social extensions of the brand are owned by Florida Rose Of Tralee Inc.  The peoples choice Rose will be awarded a trip to Ireland in August as an ambassador to Florida to  provide young people the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through local community service and organizational involvement while expanding connections with other young leaders from different communities. A big future in connecting and building links with Florida to Ireland on a bigger scale. 2.1 million Floridians claim Irish heritage, and Florida is the most popular destination in the world for Irish Tourists. This could provide a huge opportunity to deepen business and cultural links between Ireland and the US. The world is a smaller place than 20 years ago and every region of the world now thinks in global terms when it comes to business and outreach. The opportunity is to take this great part of our culture, and use it as a platform to educate people on the opportunities that exist from within the Florida regions. The Rose Of Tralee brings this great International event to Ireland, which obviously brings a lot of economic benefit, we also want to be very strong in promoting the other opportunities that accompany these events with a business component and economic benefit to the Florida regions.  It is important to all, to embrace this new Launch of The Rose Of Tralee in Florida to learn as much as we can about the entities involved, so we can grow beneficial relationships in the future. That is why we are asking the public to pick our 1st Peoples Choice Rose to be an ambassador in Ireland in 2016… so PLEASE VOTE for your favorite Rose……….


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Florida Rose of Tralee; Amy O'Brien Florida Rose of Tralee; Delaney O' Shea Florida Rose of Tralee; Kathleen Gaeta Florida Rose of Tralee; Sheena Kelly Florida Rose of Tralee; Victoria Sexton

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