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agriCAPture: organic agriculture photo contest 

Show us what sustainable agriculture and food production means to you! What future would you like to see for food and farming in Europe? CAPture you idea of good food production and farming in Europe and share it with us! Win a weekend trip to an organic farm in Italy!
Upload your picture from 4 July - 15 October and vote for your favourites from 16 - 31 October!
The five pictures t hat receive the most votes will be evaluated by the IFOAM EU executive board members and the three winning pictures will be announced during the IFOAM EU conference in Brussels in the beginning of November. The winners will also be informed by email. The first prize is a weekend trip for two to an organic farm in Italy, with a flight return ticket and Bed & Breakfast for two persons during two days. The second and third prizes are an organic gift basket with products from all over Europe.

  • Photo: `Simple Nature` taken by Diana Teles
  • Photo: `Organic Cowboy` taken by BC Naklo 4LM
  • Photo: `live healthy, eat healthy!` taken by silvia
  • Photo: `Taking the heifers to pasture with shepherd dog` taken by Erkki
  • Photo: `Ancient Wheat` taken by Erkki
  • Photo: `Never forget that you will reap and eat what you sow!` taken by youcancallmepetra
  • Photo: `The future is humus!` taken by Phil Sumption
  • Photo: `Field of Gold` taken by mmjer
  • Photo: `News to the organic pigs` taken by Erkki
  • Photo: `Will be warm` taken by mmjer
  • Photo: `Worm cast - it's all about the soil!` taken by Phil Sumption
  • Photo: `Lithuanian fields` taken by Ieva
  • Photo: `Busy Bee` taken by biophoto
  • Photo: `Sustainable agriculture in Catalonia, Spain` taken by Paula
  • Photo: `Poppy field` taken by Ancor
  • Photo: `Midsummer's night` taken by Ieva
  • Photo: `Organic pleasure` taken by Martina GajAringiexclek
  • Photo: `Raspberry field ghost` taken by astdoni
  • Photo: `Connecting food back to nature` taken by biophoto
  • Photo: `Passing on the knowledge` taken by biophoto
  • Photo: `Pojedina na ekološki kmetiji Čemažar` taken by legenda
  • Photo: `Grassland` taken by Mimi
  • Photo: `Sun and Shadows` taken by VisnjaJerman
  • Photo: `Common blue butterfly on mixed-legume ley` taken by Phil Sumption
  • Photo: `i want to be a farmer!` taken by magnumix1
  • Photo: `Dišeča in slastna` taken by elizabeta
  • Photo: `Tako lepa in visoka zrastem samo lahko na ekokmetiji` taken by elizabeta
  • Photo: `kokoš in čebela` taken by lucijamihiczidar
  • Photo: `Authentic` taken by silvia
  • Photo: `Charlotte's Web` taken by Ieva
  • Photo: `Seeing Green` taken by C Korthase
  • Photo: `Seeing Red` taken by C Korthase